The Enermax CS-688AL-01 Case Review

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Enermax a company better known for their very popular, high quality power supplies, have joined a growing number of companies offering high quality, lightweight aluminum cases. The Super Blue is a little different than other aluminum cases in that it is supplied with an Enermax 350 watt power supply, while most of the popular aluminum cases do not include a power supply.

The Enermax CS-688AL-01 Case Review - Cases and Cooling 6

Scot at was kind enough to send us this extremely beautiful case for our evaluation. Everything about this case, even the packaging was top shelf. It arrived in a very colorful shipping carton, bearing the case’s likeness in full color, inside was a second heavy duty shipping carton. At this point I thought Scot was trying to be funny!! Would I find another shipping carton inside the second one?? After all, this package was even lighter than My Lian-Li aluminum case when it arrived.

Opening the second carton, I was relieved to find the normal case packing, removing it; I lifted Super Blue on to my kitchen table and removed the plastic covering. The first thing to strike you when you look at the case is the beautiful automotive type finish with a clear protecting top coat. I was almost tempted to take it to a detail shop and have it waxed!!!! This side view photo should give you an idea of the mirror like finish.

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