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There you have it, our critical examination of the sweet, beautiful, light, Enermax CS-688AL-01 “SUPER BLUE” Aluminum Case. Your case is one of the most important parts that comprise your computer and any case worth having must be looked at with a critical eye. You don’t need any surprises, you need a case that will help and not hinder the performance of your computer. The Super Blue does just that, with its inherent cooling characteristics that an aluminum case affords it will go a long way in helping cool that hot running system of yours. The finish and the beauty of the Super Blue is a bonus!!!!

At $250.00 USD, Scot at has a real beautiful efficient Aluminum case to sell you. It’s also a bargain (for an aluminum case), when you consider that the price INCLUDES the very popular, high performance Enermax 350 watt power supply (most aluminum cases do not include power supplies).

I still think I should bring it into a shop and have it detailed and waxed!!!! I keep wiping fingerprints off it, just what I needed something else to keep clean.

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