Antec SX-635 Steel Case Review

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Antec a company well known in the aftermarket computing world has recently added two new additions to its already popular Professional Series of computer enclosures, namely the SX-630 and SX-635. As always, the model number signifies the size of the case and the power supply that is supplied as standard. So, the SX- 635 we will be reviewing is a mid-tower case with a 350 watt power supply.

To test this case and its new two fan 352 watt power supply, we decided to load it up with power consuming heat generating equipment. To start with, we installed the Epox 8K7A+ motherboard with an Athlon 1.4 GHz CPU toped off with an SK-6 heatsink and Delta 37.6 CFM fan and 512 Mbytes of Crucial PC 2100 DDR memory. The choice of the motherboard was due in large by the reported problems people are having maintaining the 12V and 5V supply to this particular motherboard and that the default VCore voltage on the Epox. Motherboard for the 1.4 GHz CPU is 1.85 volts.

To round out our system we installed a Geforce2 MX-400 64 Mbytes graphics card, an Acoustic Edge sound card, a D-Link network card, 30 Gig Hard drive, CDRW, CD ROM, Floppy and a 250Mbyte Zip Drive.

No physical modifications were made to the SX-635 steel case; it is just as you would buy it. The case as supplied, is equipped with one 80 mm Antec fan, but has the plastic brackets to accommodate two additional fans, we installed the Antec fan in the hard drive bay and installed a Sunon 42.5 CFM fan in the front intake bracket and a Sunon 50.6 CFM fan in the back exhaust bracket.

The reasoning behind our approach to the SX-635 is, as we have long been advocates of Aluminum cases we realize that the cost factor maybe out of the reach of many of our readers and as the case you use to build your system is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make, it was important to find a steel case that lends itself to good cooling at a reasonable price. By the time you finish reading this review, we hope that you’ll come to the same conclusion we did, and that is, that the Antec SX-635 from fits the need nicely without breaking your budget.

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