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Unlike its tall big bothers the SX-830/840 and SX1030/1040 the SX-630/635 will fit just about anywhere a standard mid-tower would. The dimensions are 17.25″ high by 8.1″ wide by 18.6″ deep or 440x180x460 mm. There are three external 5.25″ drive bays, two 3.50″ drive bays and three internal 3.5” drive bays.

Antec SX-635 Steel Case Review - Cases and Cooling 8

The two side panels are removable; the left side panel has a latch mechanism and can be locked. As can be seen the panel swings out for easy removal. The top panel is riveted in position and can only be removed by drilling out the rivets. You might want to do this if you were considering adding an exhaust fan in the top of the case.

The front bezel is a two part affair, by pressing two buttons (one on each side of the top portion of the bezel) after the left panel has been removed (see above) exposes the external 5.25” and 3.5” drive bays.

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The 5.25″ drives are mounted using the provided drive rails (three sets of which are included with the case. Attach a drive rail to each side of your drive with the supplied screws. Then slide the drive in the slot you have chosen for that particular drive. The drive then locks into position.

Two thumb screws hold the 3.5″ tray in position. To install your 3.5” drives, loosen the thumb screws, you don’t have to remove them entirely to free the drive tray, slide it forward and out of the case and install your drives using the supplied screws. Replace the tray in the case and tighten the thumb screws, 3.5″ drives are now installed.

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This picture shows the front of the case minus the top part of the bezel once you have installed all your external drives, remember, you still have three internal bays to mount your hard drive(s) in.

As you can see, Antec has designed this case with the computer enthusiast in mind. Is it perfect??? No case I’ve ever seen or worked on can claim that distinction!! While it is an extremely rugged well built case, it is heavy, unloaded and including the power supply it weighs in at 24.74 lbs or 11.22 kg, you would not want to move it around much!!!

To remove the bottom of the bezel, push out and down on the two plastic tabs on the bezel and carefully remove it as the LED bulbs and the wiring for the switches are attached to the bezel.

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Once the bottom bezel is removed, you can see the three hidden hard drive bays, I realize the picture is dark, but please notice that there is an 80 mm fan in taking air that will pass over your hard drives to keep them cool.

While I consider the Antec SX family of cases to be cooling friendly, it does suffer, but to a lesser extent, the same malady the majority of cases suffer (even expensive aluminum cases) and that is the heavy stamped grill work in the area’s of the intake and exhaust fans, as can be seen here.

While not as bad as most, to improve airflow and minimize the back pressure removal of that grillwork is a must for the power User or Overclocker. It’s fairly easy to do, just get out the trusty Dremel and cut it out.

Another possible problem that’s quite easy to fix is the lack of any filtering for the intake fan. Solution, go to a hardware store or builders supply store and pick up a foam air-conditioner filter or for that matter even a furnace filter that’s made of a plastic like material, remember though, you’ve got to clean it every couple of weeks. Cut it to match the inside of the bottom bezel and you have a proper filter at a cost of $1 to $2.

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