MCP – Media and Communications Processor and HyperTransport

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The MCP (Media and Communications Processor) is the equivalent of a regular chipset South Bridge. As you might guess based on the name NVIDIA has given it, it does much more than simply bringing in the PCI and IDE support to the motherboard.

NVIDIA nForce Chipset Preview - Chipsets 15

First, notice that HyperTransport is a big part of both the IGP and MCP of the nForce chipset. As most of you know, HyperTransport is the AMD-designed communications specification that can be applied to many aspects in the computer world; chipset communication being the one shown here. Using AMD’s HyperTransport technology, the MCP and IGP can communicate at up to 800 MB/sec, which is three times faster than most current PCI-based communications, and most importantly, the HyperTransport is completely independent of the PCI bus allowing the PCI devices to fully utilize it without interference.

APU – Mind Blowing Audio

The on-board audio included in the MCP is a very high quality 5.1 channel Dolby-based system. In fact, it is the exact same sound system that will be powering the Microsoft Xbox (release date of Nov 8, 2001). And hey, if its good enough to power the most-hyped home gaming console, its got to be good enough for nearly all PC users, right? 🙂

The MCP-based sound has some great specs including 64 3D voices and 192 2D voices. Not to mention multiple DSPs and 4 BOPs. The real time encoded Dolby Digital AC-3 system should be a great addition for anyone that might want to use their PC for DVD playback.

In this graphic below, you can see how you might be able to take advantage of the great features such as AC-3 output and DVD playback. Basically, your entire entertainment center can be based around your NVIDIA nForce based computer. Below that image is a graph provided by NVIDIA that indicates the 3D Audio CPU utilization between the APU and a standard audio setup.

NVIDIA nForce Chipset Preview - Chipsets 16

NVIDIA nForce Chipset Preview - Chipsets 17

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