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As I have been in the AMD community for quite a while, I can tell you that market support is the one thing that any hardware option can not live without, and that is what is the hardest to attain. Based just on the name, NVIDIA has a good chance of becoming a success. They are known by all to be the top leader in graphics chipsets and they have gained the respect of the hardware community – something that is hard to earn.

Not only that, but NVIDIA is fully supported by AMD. While AMD has their own AMD-760 motherboard chipset, they are more concerned with the success of the processor line and a new, fast and powerful chipset is just the way to promote the new Palomino-based processors in the Athlon and the Morgan-based processors in the Duron lines. In fact, AMD has been a key help in the actual development of the chipset as well, pushing NVIDIA every step of the way to make a better product for their processors.

NVIDIA nForce Chipset Preview - Chipsets 15

Another high point for NVIDIA is that they have the support of some of the most respected and well-known motherboard companies. Names such as Abit, Asus, Gigabyte and MSI should not doubt ring a bell as being reliable and high-performance parts. The real question that will remain on my mind is how well these companies market and push the nForce based motherboards compared to the others (AMD-760 and KT266A as well as the Ali Magik B0) that are available. If names like MSI and Gigabyte can push the boards into the market, I think VIA and Ali and AMD have a real competitor on their hands. This makes no one happier than the people at AMD.

With all the features that NVIDIA is offering, and that they are claiming to have such a great performance chipset, there is no surprise to the amount of hype that the chipset has stirred up. Now it just remains to be seen if they can deliver (as well as how quickly and costly) what they promise. Stay tuned to for more as it comes in!

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