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I’m sure you’d like to know how this puppy performed during our four days of testing in a closed case environment. So, without further adieu take a look at this:

Swiftech MCX-370
Highest Temp
99F – 37C
Lowest Temp
89F – 31C
Average Temp
92F – 33C

Please note, the results posted above were attained under optimal conditions and your results may vary do to differences in equipment, cooling and ambient room temperature.

At this point in our review, I’m going do something unusual in that the MCX-370 is the ONLY all aluminum HSF in our comparison. The other nine HSF’s are high performance all copper or bi-metal units. All were studied under the exact same conditions and procedures and all used the famed Delta 37.6 CFM fan that produces 46.5 dBA’s to maintain continuity. The only exception to this was the Swiftech MC-462-A Rev1 which uses an 80 mm fan.

Each HSF is either + or – the average attained temperature of our champion, presently the Thermalright SK-6. The last column lists the approximate retail selling price in $USD. Compare them for yourself!!! All prices listed are based on current retail pricing to the best of our knowledge and include the Delta 60 mm fan where applicable.

Temp (+/-)
Price $USD
1.) Thermalright SK-6
86F – 30C
2.) Zalman CNPS-5000-Plus
+2F +1.1C
3.) Akasa Silver Mountain
+3F +1.7C
4.) Swiftech MC-462A Rev1
+4F +2.3C
5.) DY1206BH-625<
+5F +2.8C
6.) Swiftech MCX-370
+6F +3.3C
7.) Vantec CCK-6035D
+6F +3.3C
8.) Taisol CGK-7600092
+7F +3.7C
9.) OCZ Gladiator
+10F +5.6C
10.) GlobalWin CAK-38
+14F +7.8C


The Swiftech MCX-370 HSF is without a doubt (in this reviewers mind) the “World’s Best” all aluminum HSF. The quality and finish is superb, it’s innovative in design and structure and it flat out performs. But, then again isn’t this what we have grown to expect from Swiftech???

The MCX-370 can be purchased directly from or from any one of their world-wide network of dealers.

Swiftech MCX-370 Aluminum HSF Review - Cases and Cooling 5

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