Introduction to the Future of AMD

AMD Athlon XP 1800+ Processor and Technology Review

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Just over three months ago, brought you the second installment in what will become the new AMD in the form of the Athlon MP Processor and AMD-760MP Chipset. In that article, you were shown the future of AMD both as a product and as a company and given a small taste of what was to come. The long wait is over now, and those who have been holding off on computer purchases or waiting to upgrade or just biding your time can come out and finally see what AMD is offering you.

While a lot of what is being unveiled today is similar to the Athlon MP launch, there is much more behind in this launch in terms of marketing changes, marketing push and company muscle. The entire technology market is in a bad way now – jobs are being cut and sales are falling due to several reasons that are too complex to get into in this article. AMD needs now more than ever to break out of the shadows of Intel and prove themselves to the world as being the premiere performance processor kings. The Athlon XP processor is their key to accomplishing this.

Keep in mind when reading the rest of this article that although the PC enthusiast market has for a long time now seen the benefits of an AMD system including better performance and lower cost, the majority of the consumer and business market has been left in the dark. Most business and IT professionals buy from huge companies like Dell or distributors like CDW and don’t pay attention to details like benchmarks and cost that you can see by visiting all reviews on the web, including Those people see the name Intel, assume it’s the best, and just buy it. AMD’s goal is to make them think twice before making that snap-decision, and then realize the Athlon XP is the way to go.

With all that information and prelude, I’ll move on to discussing a big part of AMD’s plans. First, we’ll get into why AMD felt the need to change the way things are being marketed on their products. An idea that has long been promoted by other technology markets is the “MHz Myth,” AMD is just latest.

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