Overclocking and Dual XPs

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The overclocking of the Athlon XP processors was about what you expect from any other AMD processor. Using the right motherboard it was very simple and was also quite impressive.

First, because the GA-7DX that I benchmarked on did not have the easiest overclocking options, I choose to use the Soyo K7V Dragon to see how far I could push the chip. Keep in mind that the bios on the Dragon did not yet fully support the processor, so it didn’t recognize the chip correctly nor did it enable the extra SSE instructions. That didn’t matter for this part of the testing though as I was simply trying to overclock and did not record any benchmarks on it.

Using the default voltage of 1.75v on this processor, it was a very simple task to get it to run at almost 1.7 GHz speed. This is nice jump up from the default 1.53 GHz that the Athlon XP 1800+ processor runs at. The maximum speed I could attain when using the voltage at 1.85v and tweaking both the multiplier and front-side bus settings was 1.75 GHz with a 159 MHz X 11.0. The numbers the processor was giving me in benchmarks and tests were damn good, but because I didn’t have the SSE enabled on the bios, they were less than what they SHOULD have been, and thus I did not include them in any of the results you will see in this article. As more motherboards begin to fully support the Athlon XP processor, you will surely here from me again on the speeds of overclocked CPUs.

I also can tell from reading the discussions in the AMD Forums that people are wondering if they can use the Athlon XP processors in any of the current dual-Athlon motherboards (that would be the Tyan Thunder K7 and the Tyan Tiger MP boards). The debate has almost the exact same answer as it did before the release of the Athlon XP – and that is “maybe.” Though the XP and MP processors are probably the exact same processor, AMD refuses to officially support either the Thunderbird or XP processors in a multiple processor system.

Anyone who has or wants to use the official MP chips in a dual board won’t have to wait very much longer for the needed speed increase for the Athlon MP processors. They will be using a similar packaging and market setup as the XP and should be available within a week or so.

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