Cooler Master ATC-201 Case Review

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Over the last few years, I’ve owned no less than twenty different computer cases and I’ve had the opportunity to review the Antec SX-635, the Enermax CS-688AL-01, the Lian-Li PC-12, the SkyHawk MSR4610EP-D along the way and every one of them are high quality, well designed masterpieces in their own right.

But, this time, I get to review the Rolls Royce of aluminum cases, the Cooler Master ATC-201. Our photo below shows the ATC-201, in its all aluminum beauty.

The quality and workmanship seen in the ATC-201 is surpassed by no one and the finish is exquisite; you might say that Cooler Master is to cases, what Swiftech is to HSF’s, in other words, a perfect balance of beauty, functionality and performance.

Our high powered, hot running AMD systems require an enclosure that is cooling friendly and the Cooler Master ATC-201 has been designed and engineered with just that in mind.

Cooler Master ATC-201 Case Review - Cases and Cooling 9

One of my pet peeves, over the years, is that case manufactures, even those of expensive cases, like this one, install sleeve bearing fans (if any at all) rather than the more expensive and more durable, ball bearing types.

Cooler Master is no different; they include (installed) four 80 mm YS Tech FD1281253S-1N sleeve bearing fans that produce 27 CFM’s at 22.5 dBA’s. A rough estimate would be that combined they produce a noise level of only 32 dBA’s. I must say, that I enjoy the quiet efficiency of Cooler Masters choice, even if they are sleeve bearing fans!!

The YS Tech fans are at the heart of their “Active Thermal Convective System” and I’m in no rush to replace them with ball bearing fans as I have done in the past, but when I do, they will be with fans that are rated with approximately the same CFM’s and dBA’s (I think I’m being converted by the “Seekers of Quiet”).

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