Swiftech MC-462A Rev1 and Taisol CGK-7600092

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Swiftech MC-462A Rev1
(Re-Studied to reflect the change to the high powered Delta fan)

The Swiftech MC-462A Rev1 was one of the longest reigning champions on just about everybody’s list. While no longer king of the hill, it is still one of the foremost high performance HSF’s around. The quality of the MC-462A Rev1 is still top rated and I have yet to see an HSF surpass its workmanship.

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Installation like all heatsinks that use the four holes on the sides of the CPU socket, must be done with care and an extra set of hands to help out. There are a few motherboards that are not compatible with the current MC-462A Rev1, but I’m sure Gabriel Rouchon, the founder of Swiftech is hard at work to rectify the situation. In the meantime, please check www.swiftnets.com to make sure your motherboard is compatible. The Swiftech MC-462A Rev1 was the first and only HSF to employ an 80 mm fan as stock and the heatsink itself is comprised over a copper bottom and aluminum pins. Weighing in at 760 grams its attachment method alleviates any concerns you might have because of the weight. Its dimensions are 3″x 3″x 3.375″and easily supports the 80 x 38 mm Delta 68.5 CFM fan that produces 48.5 dBA’s spinning at 4900 RPM.

It is important to note, that the MC-462A is designed for the fan to be blowing down on the heatsink for maximum performance.

The Swiftech MC- 462A Rev1 can be purchased directly from www.swiftnets.com or one of their many distributors world-wide.

This work of art and efficiency performed as follows:

Highest Temp
96F – 35.6C
Lowest Temp
80F – 26.7C
Average Temp
87F – 30.6C

Taisol CGK-7600092

Taisol’s entry into the high performance arena is the copper bottomed CGK-7600092. This light weight wonder performs admirably and has earned Taisol a spot amongst the worlds best HSF’s.

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One of its main attributes is its three pronged clip that attaches to all three flanges on both sides of the socket. Once installed it is most likely the best secured HSF anywhere and I wouldn’t hesitate to ship a computer with this heatsink installed. It is a rather large heatsink, but I have never known it not to fit most modern motherboards. Married to the Delta 37 CFM fan the Taisol CGK-7600092 even outperformed some all copper competitors. Taisol can be proud of their entrance into the high performance marketplace. You can purchase the Taisol CGK-7600092 from www.kdcomputers.com for only $ 42.00 USD including the Delta fan.

How well did the CGK-760092 perform?

Highest Temp
97F – 36.1C
Lowest Temp
85F – 29.4C
Average Temp
93F – 33.9C

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