Comparison and Conclusion

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This has been our look at 21 all copper or copper content HSF’s. How do they compare??? The chart below will give you a composite of our findings based on our strictly controlled environment.

Each HSF’s average attained temperature is listed in descending order. Compare them for yourself, but before you do, let me clear up a misconception a lot of people have. Many believe that the true test of an HSF is the lowest possible CPU temperature; it is only partly true, for the overclocker it’s how far can he/she push their CPU and yet have the computer remain stable, the seekers of quiet will give up performance and lower temperatures for less noise. So, as you can see, it’s an individual interpretation.

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 40

You can’t help but notice the log jam in our chart and I believe the cause is due, in a large part, to a controlled environment (ambient room temperature), an excellent cooling system with no impedance to airflow and the advantages of an aluminum case, in other words, your cooling system is a major player in how a particular HSF will perform.. I hope you have found this study to be interesting and helpful!!!

My thanks go to all those fine people who made this study possible (see links throughout this review) and my Special Thanks, to my loving wife Sandra, who put up with me through this grueling study!!!

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