Arkua 7228/7528 and Cooler Master HCC-002

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Arkua 7228/7528

Arkua 7228 (on the left in our photo) and the Arkua 7528 (on the right in our photo) use the same basic heatsink but use different fans and different shrouds. The 7228 and 7528 are basically aluminum heatsinks that employ a copper core to maximize their efficiency.

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 40

The specifications for the Arkua 7228 are 75 (W) x 75 (L) x 72 (H) mm and weights in at 363 grams and uses the Delta 60 mm fan. The Arkua 7528 is 75 (W) x 75 (L) x 60 (H) mm and weights 321 grams, it uses the 70 mm fan. The 70mm copper core re-incarnation of the ThermoEngine has a totally flat surface, with the contact area of the copper core extremely smooth.

An important note; I believe that the totally flat bottom surface with no beveled edges affects the performance of the 70 mm heatsink making it less efficient than their 60 mm heatsink.

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 41

While I’m not privy to the reasoning behind the change to a 70 mm HSF’s, it does make logical and financial sense, from a manufacturing point of view. With the P4’s requirement for a 70 mm heatsink, Arkua is able to manufacture and stock ONE basic heatsink (where the money is) and able to stock a variety of less expensive components, such as shrouds, fans, etc. and then assemble them according to demand as either P4 or Athlon HSF’s.

The Arkua 7228 and 7528 are fairly large HSF’s, I had no problem mounting them on a number of different motherboards, some were a tighter fit than others, but they fit!! We were not impressed with this 70 mm heatsink itself, and our tests show that the 60 mm Arkua 6228 out performed its bigger brother dramatically (results for the 6228 can be found in the Previously Reviewed Coolers section).

For the purpose of this study, we will be looking at the performance of the Arkua 7228 with the Delta 60 mm fan. For additional information and where to buy the Arkua 7228/7528 contact

Highest Temp
98F – 36.7C
Lowest Temp
85F – 29.4C
Average Temp
93F – 33.9C

Cooler Master HCC-002

Cooler Master’s entry into the high performance HSF market is the HCC-002. In addition to good performance, this HSF is the easiest heatsink I’ve ever installed, thanks to their thumb lock clipping mechanism. No tools required here!!!

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 42

There is no question as to what segment of the computing public Cooler Master is trying to impress. The blister card packaging boldly proclaims “Designed 4 Overclocking” and instead of the standard heat transfer pad found on most of their products, this one has a little packet of Thermal grease instead.

The physical dimensions of the HCC-002 are 60 (L) x 60 (W) x 61 (H) mm and included the 60 x 60 x 25 mm fan that just happens to be the same CFM (37.6), the same dBA’s (46.5) and the same RPM’s (6800) as the famous Delta fan used in this study. The HCC-002 is heavier than it looks at 505 grams and I re-weighed it a number of times to make sure I had it right.

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 43

As can be seen, the bottom of the heatsink sports a unique design, in that the heat spreader does not cover the entire bottom of the heatsink and stops just short of the area where you would normally find the indentation for the top of the socket. The finish could use a good lapping, but even without lapping the HCC-002 performed very well.

The suggested selling price of the Cooler Master HCC-002 is $40.00 USD and can be found at resellers who carry the Cooler Master line of products.

Highest Temp
98F – 36.7C
Lowest Temp
86F – 30C
Average Temp
91F – 32.8C

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