Dynatron DC1206BM-0 and ThermalTake Volcano 6Cu+

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Dynatron DC1206BM-0

This little beauty has been designed using MicroFin Technology and without getting into technical jargon, basically means that the heatsink (excluding the shroud) is made from a single block of copper that allows for a higher density (60) of fins. Each one of the fins is pitched to create better heat dissipation than is normally found in conventional processes.

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 40

The DC1206BM-0 uses a conventional SK-7 type clip and therefore requires the use of a screwdriver for installation. The overall dimensions are, 60 (L) x 63 (W) x 60 (H) mm and the Dynatron DC1205BM-0 weighs in at 440 grams (including fan). The stock fan is the 60 mm Delta 37.6 CFM fan that produces 46.5 dBA’s at 6800 RPM.

As can be seen in our photo the bottom is quite shinny and machining lines can be seen, however, they seemed to be below the surface and presented no adverse affects to overall performance.

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The MicroFin Technology employed in the manufacturing process of the DC1205BM-0 is definitely a plus for Dynatron and I would expect the future release of additional HSF’s based on this technology.

The performance of the Dynatron DC1205BM-0 is outstanding and its footprint guaranties that it is compatible with every Athlon motherboard I am aware of, including the Duel CPU motherboards.

The Dynatron DC1205BM-0 can be found at www.plycon.com for $39.95 USD + shipping.

Highest Temp
93F – 33.9C
Lowest Temp
79F – 26.1C
Average Temp
86F – 30.0C

ThermalTake Volcano 6Cu+

The name ThermalTake is better known as the producer of the famous/infamous Orb heatsinks and it seems everyone has an opinion of them, either you love them or you hate them.

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Well, they also have a very popular line of conventional heatsinks (by Orb standards) named the Volcano. One of their latest models is the Volcano 6Cu+ and as its name might suggest, it has a copper base.

The fan used is the stock ThermalTake branded 60 mm fan reporting 38 CFM while producing 39 dBA’s of noise at 7000 RPM (their specs.). The Volcano 6Cu+ weighs in at 405 grams and the dimensions including the fan are 60 (L) x 80 (W) x 65 (H) mm.

A standard type clip is used and requires the use of a screwdriver, the Volcano 6CU+ installed without any problems and will fit comfortably on most Socket “A” motherboards.

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 43

The meat of the Volcano 6Cu+ is the copper disk located in the bottom of this aluminum heatsink and it is large enough to cover the Athlon XP’s vertical orientation of its core (North to South in relation to the socket flanges).The copper disk is flat and while there were some machining lines, they were not a hindrance to performance. Some of our readers might want to lap the surface though!!

The ThermalTake Volcano 6Cu+ can be found just about everywhere coolers are sold including www.nerdsbyte.com with a suggested retail selling price of $19.95 USD + shipping.

The volcano 6Cu+ performed well for a low cost, readily available HSF. Check out how it performed.

Highest Temp
107F – 41.7C
Lowest Temp
82F – 33.3C
Average Temp
96F – 35.6C

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