Zalman CNPS-6000 Series and Vantec CCK-6027D

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Zalman CNPS-6000 Series

This budding flower HSF is so new that it doesn’t have a proper number yet, but thanks to Robert Jung of Zalmantech we were able to get our hands on it for this study.

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If you’re familiar with the CNPS-3000 Series, you’ll notice the difference immediately!! The surface area (petal width) has been increased dramatically almost equal to a third row of petals making the CNPS-6000 heatsinks larger than their older brothers, but still small enough to fit on the majority of Socket “A” motherboards.

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As can be seen above, the contact area on the bottom of the heatsink is spotless and totally flat, no lapping required here. The clipping mechanism is the standard Zalman clip and requires the use of the special tool supplied by Zalman, which makes installation a breeze.

Cooling the Zalman CNPS-6000 Series HSF is accomplished with the new Zalman FB123 adjustable fan bracket that can hold up to three fans. Pictured here is the fan bracket fitted with a quiet Zalman 92 mm that produces 53 CFM’s at only 31.1 dBA’s. The bracket mounts to your expansion slot covers and hovers over the heatsink blowing cool air down onto the beautiful flower that is the CNPS-6000 Series heatsink

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The physical dimensions of the CNPS-6000 Series heatsink are; 110 (L) x 60 (W) x 65 (H) mm and it weighs in at 450 grams.

As stated earlier, this heatsink is not on the market as of yet. For information and pricing contact

How well did the Zalman Copper CNPS-6000 perform, see for yourself!!

Highest Temp
109F – 42.8C
Lowest Temp
90F – 32.2C
Average Temp
96F – 35.6C

Vantec CCK-6027D

The 6027 is the Vantec answer for a quieter HSF without giving up much in the way of performance. Its stock fan is the Delta 30 CFM unit that produces 30 CFM’s at a noise level of 39.5 dBA’s running at 5500 RPM.

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Installation of the SK7 type clipping mechanism requires the use of a screwdriver, but is otherwise uneventful.

Like its bigger brother the CCK-6035D, the CCK-6027 employs a proven winner, thin fin technology. As you’ll see later the performance of this HSF was surprisingly close to its big brother, while smaller and using a lower speed fan.

The entire heatsink has a polished look, there are machining or polishing swirls on the bottom of the heatsink, but they did not hamper performance, I guess you could lap it if you wanted to.

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 44

The overall dimensions of the Vantec CCK-6027D are; 65 (L) x 65 (W) x 54 (H) mm which allows it’s use on any Socket “A” motherboard presently on the market. This all copper beauty weighs in at 350 grams.

For information on pricing and where to buy, contact How well did the Vantec CCK-6027D perform???

Highest Temp
99F – 37.2C
Lowest Temp
90F – 32.2C
Average Temp
96F – 35.6C

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