Antec JetCool HSF and Zalman CNPS-3100Gold Plus/CNPS-3100 Plus

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Antec JetCool HSF
(Restudied to reflect the change in CPU to the Athlon XP 1800)

Antec a company better known for its high quality cases and power supplies, has ventured into the HSF market selling under their name, a HSF manufactured by Molex or licensed by them. This is the third in a line that goes back about a year and is the most powerful of the bunch.

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 40

It has been sold by many companies under different names, but the key is the design and Molex HSF’s that I am familiar with, share the same attributes of quiet and radial folded thin aluminum fins that wrap around a central copper core. Even the Thumb Latch color is significant, Green is for AMD socket A and the Red are for Intel socket CPU’s.

The specifications of the JetCool are 66.6 x 65 x 52.4 mm and it is compatible with most modern motherboards. It weighs in at only 200 grams and its 60 x 15 mm fan produces 24.1 CFM’s at 35.2 dBA’s.

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 41

Looking at the bottom of the heatsink you can see the beveled copper core; the heatsink is supported by the core of the CPU only and doesn’t come in contact with the four rubber pads on the CPU. Once installed though it does an effective job of quiet cooling at the very reasonable suggested retail price of $ 29.95 USD. For additional information or to purchase the Antec JetCool AMD model, visit

How did the Antec JetCool perform, check the numbers:

Highest Temp
129F – 53.9C
Lowest Temp
98F – 36.7C
Average Temp
115F – 46.1C

Zalman CNPS-3100Gold Plus/CNPS-3100 Plus
(Restudied to reflect the change in CPU to the Athlon XP 1800)

Zalman a Korean company that splashed on the HSF scene cutting their eye teeth on producing “Quiet HSF’s” about a year ago, produce some of the highest quality, most beautiful heatsinks on the market today.

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 42

While both of the pictured heatsinks have been around for a while, you’ll notice the PLUS after their number. This signifies the new Fan mechanism that is no longer stationary, the fan pivots on the bracket to any position you want and the fan can easily be changed just by unlocking the brass thumb screw and replacing the fan with any size you wish 80, 92 or even 120 mm. The bracket can also accommodate two additional fans, if you so desire. The fan is a 92 mm Zalman labeled fan that produces 53 CFM’s at 31.1 dBA’s in normal mode. The fan unit can be purchased separately for $14.95 USD, look for the FB123 at

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 43

Now let’s get back to the beautiful Gold and Copper Flower heatsinks!! The gold plated heatsink on the right is just that, gold plated over copper and the unit on the right is all copper. I’ve put these two heatsinks together because during testing they proved to be performance equals.

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 44

The photo’s give the impression that the Zalman CNPS-3100 Gold Plus and the Copper Plus are very large heatsinks, this, they are not, with physical dimensions of 95L x 52W x 65H, the Flower heatsinks will fit the majority of modern motherboards and they weigh in at 296 grams.

The suggested retail selling price for the Gold Flower w/fan/bracket is $ 49.95 USD and the Copper Flower w/fan/bracket is $39.95 USD For additional information or to purchase, visit .

How well did the Zalman CNPS-3100 Gold/Copper Plus heatsinks do, quite well, I thought, check out the numbers below.

Highest Temp
120F – 48.9C
Lowest Temp
93F – 33.9C
Average Temp
102F – 38.9C

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