Zalman CNPS-5000-Plus and Thermalright SK-6

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Zalman CNPS-5000-Plus
(Restudied to reflect change in CPU to the Athlon XP 1800)

The Zalman CNPS-5000-Plus is quite different than most other HSF’s in that like two others, it uses the four holes on the side of the CPU’s socket, rather than a clip to hold it in position. Like any Cooler we have tested that uses this method, “it’s no walk in the park” to install. It’s best installed with the help of another person, but once it is mounted; you have an HSF with excellent cooling abilities.

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 40

There are two three pin connectors with in-line resisters to change the speed and output of the fan giving you the ability to have the fan run silently (2000 RPM’s, 11 CFM’s and 20 dBA’s), quite mode (3200 RPM’s, 18 CFM’s, and 29 dBA’s) or normal (5800 RPM’s, 28 CFM’s and 40 dBA’s). In our study we will be using the Delta fan (7000 RPM’s, 37.6 CFM’s and 46.5 dBA’s). As you can see from this information, the CNPS-5000-Plus has been designed to meet the need of just about every computer user.

The Zalman CNPS-5000-Plus weighs in at 430 grams with dimensions of 91x66x70 mm.

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 41

We found the Zalman CNPS-5000-Plus to be whatever you want it to be. Quiet if you want quiet, ultra high performer if that is what you’re looking for. This is one sweet, innovative HSF that you’d be proud to call yours!!!! You can purchase the Zalman CNPS-5000-Plus from for only $48.99 USD (price includes the optional Delta fan).

Let’s take a look at how this multi-purpose HSF performed:

Highest Temp
99F – 37.2C
Lowest Temp
86F – 30C
Average Temp
93F – 33.9C

Thermalright SK-6

Our current co-champion, the SK-6 is made up of a copper base with 70 extremely thin fins soldered to the base to insure effective contact. The well designed and thought-out fin design allow for a very significant surface area in excess of one square foot. Even with all this surface area the weight is only 330 grams, which is considered light for an all copper heatsink. At its widest (the top) this heatsink is only 64mm(L) x 72mm (W) x 31.6mm (H). This low profile does not interfere with the air flow in a mid-tower case and allows air to freely move over the surface. Installation requires the use of a screwdriver, but is never the less uneventful do to the very good design of the clip. The SK-6 can be purchased from www.kdcomputers.comM, and . Pricing varies from dealer to dealer.

Copper Cooler Comparison II - Cases and Cooling 42

How did the Thermalright SK-6 perform?

Highest Temp
94F – 34.4C
Lowest Temp
80F – 26.7C
Average Temp
86F – 30.0C

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