What Have We Learned?

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Here’s the quick summary of what you should have learned:
  1. Fan flow ratings apply to ideal conditions. As-mounted flow will always be lower, typically be 20-30%.
  2. Air-cooling is not affected dramatically be elevation and the air density changes it brings.
  3. Air-cooling is affected dramatically by the temperature of the air.
  4. Obstructions near a fan can decrease flow rate significantly.
  5. It’s better to over-pressure rather than under-pressurize a case. If you don’t use fan filters, it doesn’t matter which you do.
  6. Fan flow is proportional to fan RPM, which is roughly proportional to fan voltage.
  7. Fan “stacking” is of limited benefit in computer applications. While it rarely increases temperatures, it won’t normally decrease them substantially either.
  8. Fan power is proportional to fan RPM^3. Dropping a fan from 12 volts to 7 volts decreases energy usage by about 80%.
  9. Sound is a function of RPM, size, and flow rate. Perceived sound is a function of frequency and distance from the sound source as well as room acoustics.
  10. I’m not sure what item 10 is, but it looks better to have a list of ten objects rather than nine.

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