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Lian Li PC-60USB: A New Perspective - Cases and Cooling 28
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Lian Li PC-60USB: A New Perspective - Cases and Cooling 29
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And here is my side by side comparison shot. What a difference. Just a little extra room can make a world of difference. As for the temperature changes, they were outstanding. With the addition of the second fan up front, my intake CFM increased by only 20 CFM, and the exhaust lost about 2 CFM. With my old case closed I was unable to overclock my 1GHz Athlon. I would loose stability in moments if I tried that, the only way my old case would allow for overclocking was to take the side of the case off and blow a fan on it. With the Lian Li PC-60USB I was able to decrease my temps using the low setting of the front fans by 2ºC. Running the fans at maximum I was able to attain a 5ºC drop! And to go one step further, I can overclock to 1367MHz at the same temp as my old case got while running at 1GHz with the case closed!

Lian Li PC-60USB: A New Perspective - Cases and Cooling 30

So here ends my review of this outstanding case. The temperature readings were taken over the course of a week. Two days of readings from the old case, and two days each for the new case, for both low and high fan settings. I am astonished at what I have been able to achieve with this case.


  • Motherboard Tray
  • Lightweight for Ease of Transporting
  • Cooling Abilities
  • Sturdy
  • Very Roomy for a Mid Tower
  • 12 Drive Bays
  • Quick Release Plug for Front Panel Wiring
  • Thumbscrews for Nearly Everything
  • Filter for Front Intake Fans
  • 3-Speed Fan Control for those Quiet Nights
  • Awesome Looks with the Quality and Finish to Match
  • Sleeve Bearing Fans Instead of Ball Bearing Fans
  • No Quick Disconnect for Front USB Ports
  • Mounting Most Hard Drives Vertically

With the sleek lines, abundance of features, and its overwhelming ability to cool, I highly recommend this case. Yes, some say the price is steep. But I say it’s well worth it considering the features. It’s an investment that you will certainly use for years! Now where is that can of silver spray paint? Time to touch up some drives 🙂

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