DronezMark and Wolfenstein

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Several readers have emailed me asking for more gaming-based benchmarks besides the aging, yet classic Quake III: Arena demos. These were two options that I found to be the most appealing. The DronezMark test is one that is very taxing on the overall computer subsystem, and Wolfenstein, though based on the Quake III engine, is much more ‘heavy’ in terms of needed performance. I used the two demos that Anandtech has provided on their website for the Wolfenstein MP tests.

I’ve included the three results most pertinent to our review here from the DronezMark results. I can’t say enough how surprised I am by the equality of the two chipsets. It will definitely be hard to pick a winner based on performance.

NVIDIA nForce Chipset Review - Chipsets 9

Once again we see the scores split based on the resolution. This is getting kind of annoying, isn’t it? 🙂 This particular demo is hard on the system due to its wide-open spaces and high amount of rendering it has to do on the video card. The next one isn’t quite so dependent on the video card.

The nForce reference board comes out on top of the AK31 Rev3 board here. The difference is incredibly small, but as this demo is more a test of the CPU and memory subsystems, and has less to do with the video card power, we can use this a good judge of motherboard performance.

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