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As we’ve seen, the two substantial causes of noise are VIBRATION and the motors that drive our fans and peripherals. We have attempted to give you an overview of as many products as we could get our hands on that might help you how in building or improving your present computer in the area of NOISE.

For many, it will be a mix and match situation to achieve the level of tolerable noise you personally can accept. Always remember that cooling is still a vital issue when it comes to the stability and performance of your computer and going to either extreme can spell real problems in these areas. I do not recommend overclocking or using the hottest running CPU’s of our day if a silent type computer is what you’re trying to accomplish, the extra heat produced can lead to serious difficulties that in turn could lead to more noise defeating your purposes.

Writing this article has been an eye-opening experience for a Power-User and someone who was all too familiar and tolerable to noise. I have applied many of the remedies outlined in this study and have easily lowered my noise levels by 50% without affecting performance and cooling very much.

Now, what I’ve settled for still might be considered noisy to many of you, but for me it’s a major improvement!!! I do hope you find this article helpful in your quest for Quiet!!!

A Word of Acknowledgement

I would like to thank all those who have helped me in putting this study together in one way or another and especially; Lars the Instigator, Amil of ChillBlast, Dave of KD Computers, Adrian of Lapicon, Tommy of Vantec USA and Robert of Zalmantech. Thanks guys!!!

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