Noise Dampening Material

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Too literally cover our case and I do mean literally, we have two different types of Noise Dampening material to share with you.

The first, a Cork like material was supplied to us by our good friends at and the package contains enough of the material to do your whole case, if you desire. I did and still had some left over that I put to good use, more on that later. You receive four 40 x 38.5 CM sheets and two 20 x 38.5 CM sheets all with peel-off backing for simple installation. The cost of this product is £24.99 +VAT or $ 36.11 plus shipping to the USA.

As stated above, I covered the inside of an Antec SX-830 large mid-tower case with this material and the results were amazing. The manufacturer claims up to a 70% reduction in noise level, while I can’t check this with a dBA meter, by ear, it seemed to cut the noise level in half. There was a cost for this dramatic noise reduction, my system temperature rose by 4 degrees Celsius. It was indeed a small price to pay for the results I achieved in a well cooled system.

The second is a foam type product from Akasa called PaxMate that will find its way to resellers in the near future distributed by, I received two sheets of it 40 x 38.5 CM and one half sheet 20 x 38.5 CM as samples for evaluation. So, I really don’t know just how much of it will come in the package or what the selling price will be. I also don’t know if I’m supposed to be showing you this yet. Don’t tell anyone!!

It’s lighter in texture than our first material and also has a peel-off backing for easy installation. I didn’t have enough to do a complete case, so I did the rear panel, the top, floor of the case and one side panel. It too, did a fantastic job quieting the computer, but I really can’t compare it to the other due to not having enough to complete the job. It also had the cost of increased system temperature, but only 1.5 degrees Celsius in a partially covered case.

Please note: As with all material of this nature there is a secondary cost and that is higher system temperatures, that can range from 2-10 degrees Celsius depending on the size of the case, the equipment it contains, the amount of coverage applied and the cooling system’s efficiency.

Before moving on, I said earlier that I put some of the spare Noise Dampening material to good use. Let me explain; our good friends at had sent me a Noise Control Silverado to be part of the original review of quiet heatsinks that this study has evolved into.

Included in the NC Silverado’s package were these four little squares with instructions to stick as many as you need together so that they are about 1 mm higher than the motherboard standoffs in your case and then stick them to the area directly under the socket of your motherboard. This is to absorb vibration from your heatsink caused by its fan(s). I was so impressed with just how well it worked; I tried it on another motherboard that had a screaming Delta fan mounted on a heavy copper heatsink, the results were amazing, even the Delta seemed quieter!! I now have this material mounted underneath the sockets of all my systems regardless of the heatsink and fan installed.

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