Quieting your Hard Drive

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Another neat product from Noise Control supplied to us from yet again, our good buddies at www.chillblast.co.uk is the Hard Drive Cage with Radial Fan. This is a product that can and should be used by everyone, especially if you move your computer around.

We all know about the noise created by our high speed hard drives, most of which is created by vibration. The concept is rather simple but tremendously efficient. The Noise Control Hard Drive Cage acts as a 5.25” bay adapter and screws into your case as you would expect.


The hard drive is supported and held in position by three heavy duty rubberized bands. The top and bottom bands crisscross underneath the hard drive and the center band is as can be seen, used as extra support and for stabilization. Believe it on not, your hard drive is quite secure installed into the hard drive cage. The hard drive is actually suspended in the cage and does not come in contact with it at all. As an extra precaution in case of shock (like dropping the computer) there are four small pieces of the cork like material (seen earlier) that protects the hard drive from slamming into the cage.

OK, our hard drive is secure, we’ve eliminated much of its vibration /noise, but it still a hot running HD (7200 RPM’s) and requires cooling.

This is true and Noise Control has foreseen our concern by the attachment of one of the same quiet Nidec Gamma28 blowers found on their Silverado HSF. If that wasn’t enough, they also include wiring that allows you to monitor the blowers RPM.

I’m very impressed by this product and intend to use it in all my systems. That’s when I can sneak it into my computing budget!!! 🙂 🙂

I was also surprised by the low price of this unit when you consider that the data on your hard drive is worth 100 fold more than the £39.99 + VAT or $ 57.79 plus shipping to the USA. For me it is a “must have” product.

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