The World’s Quietest Hard Drive

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It seems as if just about every company producing computer products has gotten the message that “Quiet” is IN!!

Seagate is producing the Barracuda ATA IV series of hard drives and are touting them as the “quietest operating hard drives EVER for a desktop 7200 RPM HD. I have the Seagate ST360021A 60GB drive that Dave at was kind enough to send me for evaluation.

One of the things I found interesting about this drive that I haven’t seen before ( all my hard drives are 30 GB units) and I don’t know if it’s available on any/all hard drives over 30 GB or just this series from Seagate. There is a jumper on the block where you normally set the drive to Master, Slave, etc., that allows for a non-ATA slave, I’ll have to play around with it to see how I can use it, if at all.

This hard drive is by far the quietest I’ve EVER had and boy is it tough!! It can handle 350 Gs non-operating shocks and the way I move my computers around, that’s of major importance, to me.

For addition information and/or to purchase the Seagate ST360021A 60 GB hard drive, at the very reasonable price of $158.00 USD visit .

At this point in our study, we should note that we’ve covered a number of products that go a long way in quieting a computer system. Because “QUIET” means different things to different people, we have avoided saying, use this case, fan, or use this much material etc., etc. There are just too many variables and differences in perception and products available, that our aim was to give you an overview of what’s out there, to aid you in your quest for your definition of QUIET.

We can not forget about the importance of cooling, but before we get on to our next section, let us emphasize the principles of good cooling and airflow are even more important when you consider our very hot, very fast CPU’s and equipment we intend on using in a “QUIET SYSTEM”.

To this end it is important that power supply leads are wire-tied or loomed and that IDE or SCSI cables (rounded cables preferred) are not allowed to block, disrupt or re-channel your airflow, so you can maintain the efficiency of your cooling system.

Two distributors in particular Tommy Hsu of and Adrian Young of have done their best to make sure that the resellers of the world are being supplied with an abundance of affordable “Rounded Floppy, IDE and SCSI Cables”.

This is a far cry from when I purchased a full set of rounded cables a year ago. At that time, a floppy and two IDE cables cost me in excess of $100.00 USD, today I can purchase a set of the pictured cables for under $35.00 USD, and I can choose from a variety of designer colors. Times do change and fortunately, so do prices as products gain wider acceptance!!!

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