Additional Considerations: Video Cards and Fan Options

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A couple of areas you might want to consider include your video card and how to make your current HSF quieter. In this section we hope to give you a couple of ideas.

Zalman ZM17-CU

Here you see the Zalman ZM17-CU video card heatsink mounted to my Visiontek GeForce2 MX 64 MB AGP Video Card.

Mounting was simple using Artic Silver Epoxy to adhere the heatsink to the CPU.

I require no fan as the ZM17-CU does an excellent job of dissipating heat generated by my video card. Zalman does recommend using their FB165 fan bracket if you’re using a GeForce 256 DDR, Radeon DDR or higher class of video card or if you already have the Zalman FB123 cooling your flower heatsink, then all you need is to add a fan to cool the video card.

Of course the way I use it, the ZM17-CU is noiseless and I have the confidence of knowing my video card is properly cooled!!

The suggested retail selling price of the ZM17-CU is $24.95 USD and for the FB165 if you need it, is $9.95 USD. For more information or to purchase the ZM17-CU video card heatsink visit our friends at .

Heatsink Fan Options

Many of you probably have a very good heatsink, but can’t stand the noise of the high powered fan used to cool it. What are your options??? Your first option would be to swap out the fan for a lower noise unit, but your CPU temperature may rise considerably.

A second option would be to use a fan adapter that would allow you to use an 80mm or larger fan at the same CFM level or higher, but at reduced dBA levels. There has been mixed reports on fan adapters with some people reporting a few degrees higher temperatures and others reporting a few degrees lower temperatures.

The three pictured are the most popular and are from left to right; 60 to 80 mm Fan Expander from and retails for $11.95 USD, the middle adapter is the 80 to 92 mm Aluminum low profile Fan Adapter for heatsinks that normally require an 80 mm fan from this unit retails for $27.99 USD and our third adapter is the ALUV2 60 to 80 mm Anodized Aluminum Fan Adapter from and retails for $19.95 USD.

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