SkyHawk Aluminum Mini-Server Case

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Six to eight months ago SkyHawk Group burst on to the computer enclosure market with a series of low-end aluminum tower cases. Since then, they have been busy developing a line of “Mini-Server” cases designed for the more demanding needs of high-powered hot running Athlon systems.

Containers of the new cases are arriving weekly on our shores and we were lucky to have been chosen as the first hardware site to get our hands on the standard-bearer the MSR4610EP-D.

It is my understanding that the MSR series will be made up of three models with up to six variations each, depending on the front port combinations or lack thereof. SkyHawk also provides a long list of options for the Mini-Server line of cases, including power supplies which are optional. Rather than go into them all here, check out their site at .

SkyHawk Aluminum Mini-Server Case - Cases and Cooling 13

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