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The numbers below indicate that the Kanie Hedgehog Type-W with twin Delta 37.6 CFM fans did indeed tie our champion!!

The Kanie Hedgehog Type-W is available from in many configurations. The heatsink with no fans retails for $39.95 USD and with the twin Delta 37.6 CFM fans (the configuration used in this study) it retails for $57.95 USD. All prices are plus shipping.

Kanie Hedgehog Type-W
Highest Temp
92F – 33C
Lowest Temp
81F – 27C
Average Temp
86F – 30C

The comparison below reflects the 10 best performing HSF’s (well actually eleven) that we have reviewed. Each HSF is either + or – the average attained temperature of our co-champions the Thermalright SK-6 and the Kanie Hedgehog Type-W. The last column lists the approximate retail selling price in $USD. Compare them for yourself!!!

All prices listed are based on current retail pricing to the best of our knowledge and include the Delta 37.6 CFM 60 mm fan except where noted.

Temp (+/-)
Price $USD
1.) Thermalright SK-6
86F – 30C
1.) Kanie Hedgehog Type-W*
86F – 30C
2.) Zalman CNPS-5000-Plus
+2F +1.1C
3.) Akasa Silver Mountain
+3F +1.7C
4.) Swiftech MC-462A Rev1**
+4F +2.3C
5.) DY1206BH-625<
+5F +2.8C
6.) Swiftech MCX-370
+6F +3.3C
7.) Vantec CCK-6035D
+6F +3.3C
8.) Taisol CGK-7600092
+7F +3.7C
9.) OCZ Gladiator
+10F +5.6C
10.) GlobalWin CAK-38
+14F +7.8C

* Uses 2 Delta 37.6 CFM 60 mm fans.
** Uses a Sanyo Denki 53 CFM 80 mm fan.

As is always the case, you must compare and choose the HSF that best suits you particular needs. This studies purpose is to share the information we have gathered to help you make an informed purchase.

Starting with this review, we are adding two new headings within the “Numbers and Comparison” section. The first will be For Extreme Overclockers and the second will be For Seekers of Quiet. Not that we favor one group over the other, the two new headings are in alphabetical order. These new sub-sections will only continue if you all find them useful!!

For Extreme Overclockers: In this area we will share with you how this particular HSF performed using the most powerful fans currently at our disposal. For heatsinks using 60 mm fans, we will be testing with Delta 60 x 60 x 38 mm (FFB0612EHE) 50.15 CFM’s at 54.5 dBA’s. For heatsinks using 80 mm fans, we will be testing with Delta 80 x 80 x 38 mm (FFB0812SHE) 68.5 CFM’s at 48.5 dBA’s.

The Kanie Hedgehog Type-W with twin Delta 50.15 CFM fans performed almost beyond belief and at a noise level 58 dBA’s that even penetrated my ear plugs (well not really). Vibration was an issue, but fortunately I had put noise dampening material under my motherboards socket, so for me it really wasn’t a problem. I’m sure you’d like to know how the Hog performed with the Delta 50.15 CFM fans, take a look:

Average Attained Temperature 83F – 28.3C

Up until now, I’ve never seen temperatures this low, but the noise was deafening. This configuration of the Kanie Hedgehog Type-W with twin Delta 50.15 CFM fans, are retailing for $69.95 plus shipping at .

For Seekers of Quiet: In this area we will share with you how his particular HSF performed while using the quietest fans at our disposal; for heatsinks using 60 mm fans and those using 80 mm fans. For safety sake, the fans used may change from heatsink to heatsink to maintain a range in temperature that will not challenge the CPU’s limitations and/or the stability of the computer.

For this test we used twin Sanyo Denki DC Pico Ace 25’s model number 109R0612H401 that each produces 21 CFM’s at a noise level of 28 dBA’s. The combined noise level is roughly 31 dBA’s.

The Kanie Hedgehog with twin Sanyo Denki 21 CFM fans performed quieter and more efficiently than ANY HSF I’ve studied to date with the emphasis on quiet. This Hog with the Sanyo Denki fans would tie for 5th place in our list of top ten performers. What am I raving about??? Take a look:

Average Attained Temperature 97F – 36.1C

Please remember, the results were attained in a quiet but well cooled aluminum case. The Kanie Hedgehog Type-W has continued to surprise in every aspect of this study!! This configuration of the Kanie Hedgehog Type-W with twin Sanyo Denki fans retails for $59.95 USD at .


I really can’t add a whole heck of a lot, but say I’m drained, by all the positive surprises this stellar performer threw my way. I really did not expect the Kanie Hedgehog Type-W to perform as equally magnificent in all categories.

I still don’t like the clip, it could be improved, but then I didn’t like the clip on the original Hog either!!!

It’s a real tight fit on motherboards like the Epox 8K7A+, it could be near to impossible to install on a motherboard mounted in a case that doesn’t have a removable motherboard tray and it’s a little pricey, but it delivers what you pay for!!!

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