Abit KG7-RAID AMD 760 Motherboard Review

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Welcome to the last (perhaps second to last) AMD 760 chipset review you will see on It is indeed a sad time to see such a powerful and lasting chipset finally reach its end. AMD officially announced their production halt on the chipset last month, but there are still plenty of these chipsets lying around and being used in production boards. As far as I am aware, the Abit KG7-RAID board that we review here, is almost the final AMD 760 board to be designed and produced, with the exception of the coming 8K7A2 from Epox.

Has the wait been worth it? Admittedly, the board isn’t exactly new as of this review, but having been extremely busy with the KT266A launches and with some delays getting a sample out of Taiwan, it is here as quickly as possible. Can the KG7 motherboards compete with the new competition that has been thrown in the AMD marketplace since the boards initial launch? The bar has been set very high, but Abit has never let down its users before, and they don’t plan to start doing so now.

Here are the board specs:

Motherboard Specifications
CPU Socket Socket A (200/266 MHz Support)
Chipset AMD 760 + VIA 686B
Form Factor ATX
Multiplier Options 5.5 – 14x
Bus Speed Options 95-200 MHz in 1 MHz increments
Voltages 1.35v – 1.85v in +0.025v increments
Memory Support 4 x 184-pin DDR DRAM PC1600/PC2100 Support
Expansion Slots 6/0/1/0 (PCI/ISA/AGP/CNR)
AGP Support 4x AGP
USB Support 2x Standard USB ports
4x Add-on USB ports
Integrated Components None
Bios Award BIOS
Onboard IDE 2 x ATA100 EIDE 2 x ATA100/RAID EIDE
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