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AMD Athlon XP 1900+ Processor Review - Processors 18 While the release of another new processor stepping is nothing to get incredibly excited about, the introduction of the Athlon XP 1900+ processor brings about a new king-of-the-hill processor. It is rumored that we won’t be seeing an Athlon XP 2000+ or beyond until after the new year, so that should subside any users that were waiting for a pause in technology to purchase a new processor or system upgrade.

The 1900+ processor is fairly consistent at being 5-6% faster than the 1800+ processor. As the frequencies of these two processors differ by about 5% as well, this is a solid showcasing that the Palomino core is scaling well with motherboards and computer applications. The life of the current Athlon XP processor may not exceed that of the Athlon Thunderbird with the upcoming die shrink in the middle of next year, it will be considerable when compared to other products from Intel.

As Comdex approaches, there is not much on the near horizon from AMD itself, but there will be some exciting news concerning motherboard chipsets, new information on Hammer architecture, as well as new dual-processor motherboards from various companies like Tyan, Epox and Gigabyte. As always, keep checking back at for the latest AMD and Comdex coverage.

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