FIC, Soyo and Epox

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FIC had a couple of surprises for me at the meeting room. First up was their KT266A board, picture below.


However, the real show was here: the AT31 powered by an ATI A3 North Bridge!! That’s right, an ATI north bridge that features a Radeon 7500 chip in it! I was completely and utterly surprised by this – I was unaware that something like this was even close to production. FIC informed me it would be ready within a month.

With their close relationship with ATI, FIC will be one of the first to offer Radeon cards NOT manufactured by ATI themselves. They plan on having a full line out by Christmas.


Soyo didn’t have anything new to show off, but did tell me about plans for their K7V Dragon Ultra motherboard. This motherboard, set for a March release for now, will be based on the KT333 chipset that will be out around that time from VIA. They also informed me that they are not planning any NVIDIA based motherboard yet and they will only be considering a SiS745 motherboard if the P4-based SiS chipset boards do well in the marketplace.


Epox had a couple of surprises for me. They are working on an 8KHA2 and a 8K7A2 that will offer the user IDE RAID as well as the ultimate in stability and bios options for overclocking. (They are pictured below). They also had their 760-MPX board on display, but wouldn’t allow pictures of it for the time being.

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