Corsair Micro and Hyper Transport

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I met with Corsair Micro and we discussed memory, of course, but also their upcoming project to enter the bare-bones-type market. Working with Fry’s and some large name online resellers, Corsair hopes to market to those users who are just learning how to build their own systems by supplying them with a case, motherboard, heatsink and memory assembled and tested. Then the user will purchase their own, easier to install devices like CD-ROM, hard drives and floppy, get a video card and pick their processor, and they are ready to go!

While this idea won’t really appeal to those hardcore PC enthusiasts in most cases, the beginner will surely fall in love with the idea of a little head start and some helpful instructions on building their first system.


I had a very informative meeting with the HyperTransport Consortium. There was too much information to put it in a COMDEX article, but I will have a nice, clean article on it sometime this year.

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