NVIDIA and Xbox

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By far the most exciting booth I visited was NVIDIA’s. We talked about future plans for NVIDIA in the graphics market and the chipset market, and while I can’t go into detail as to what was discussed, don’t ever think that NVIDIA would leave good enough alone. They have a history of constantly pushing performance ahead even when they are the top performers, and they will be doing that on ALL of the fronts they work in. Yes, that means new graphics chipsets, new motherboard chipsets, new console chipsets, new mobile chipsets and even a lot more development into the HyperTransport technology.

This wasn’t the whole reason their booth was great though! 🙂 I got to sit down on huge leather couches and play all the new Xbox games with the people who designed it on awesome Pioneer plasma displays! Those TVs are nice! So were the games, of course. Even though the Xbox runs on an Intel processor, the Xbox is still a beautiful machine. Here are some pictures of their rooms.

Here are some final pictures that I took of the show in general, in no particular order. I know I had fun and will definitely be back for all of them in the future. Amdmb.com will have all the latest information on the products I have shown you, as it is available. Thanks for reading!!

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