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Chenbro has out done themselves with a smart looking case and nearly all the functionality a person would need for a home pc to a web server. Nearly everything installed with the greatest of ease, except for the floppy, but then again, I did try to skip a step or two in doing so, so I can’t fault Chenbro for that. The cooling options are extraordinary with both 92 or 120mm fan options in both front and back AND an extra 80mm fan that sits right in front of the hard drives for those 10,000rpm SCSI drives that could surely use the extra cooling. The room inside was more then adequate for either a standard home pc or even a dual Athlon motherboard based ISDN router as there is plenty of room for the extra long add-in cards.

To give those of you who may consider this case, I offer you my example as just that, an example. I installed a Gigabyte GA-7DX rev. 4.3 with an Athlon™ XP 1800+ a simple 3.2GB hard drive, DVD-rom and floppy. The heat sink is a Coolermaster EP-DP-6I11 with a Thermaltake 30cfm mounted on top instead of the stock 19cfm fan. I used neither rounded cables nor loomed the wiring as that would not be the standard affair in most cases that are used as servers. What can I say, us tech support people like messes ;o). The case came with a stock Sunon 120mm fan that produces 69cfm of air exhaust and an 80mm Sunon fan that 39cfm of air intake. I did not install an additional 120 or 92mm fan as the extra fan is an option and I wanted to see how it would perform stock.


  • Cooling abilities
  • Ease of installation and configuration
  • The use of either 92 or 120mm fans both front and back
  • Addition of 80mm fan for hard drive cooling
  • Rails for the external 5¼” drives
  • Door to keep the system clean
  • Door double-hinged to push door out of the way
  • Window in door to see the LEDs
  • PSU bracket making the PSU easy to install
  • Roominess to handle large motherboards
  • Capability of using redundant power supplies
  • Large metallic motherboard standoffs
  • Floppy drive slot is a little tight
  • Screws to hold down side cover handles may be redundant
  • If the screws are to be used, low profile thumbscrews would be better

With that said, while running the system under full load of Seti@Home, overclocked to 140 FSB, in a room that stays within 2º of 72ºF, the CPU never passed 43ºC and the motherboard never got hotter than 25ºC. It was simply amazing as I did not use the full cooling potential of the case. I’m sure anyone whether a home user or a server administrator would enjoy having this case in their possession as it would certainly be put to good use.

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