SPECviewperf, Cachemem and ScienceMark

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The ECS KT266A motherboard has a fairly decent showing at this test, coming in first in the Awadvs-04 test over its competing KT266A board by about 4%. For the rest of the tests, it is never again quite the top contender, but still does a good job and never falls more than a couple percent behind either the KT266A or nForce motherboard.

The ECS board takes more of a beating here than on previous tests. The AK31 wins out by around 6% in the read tests, but that jumps to a steep 17% in the write tests! While these numbers are alarmingly low from a competing chipset board, the fact that it didn’t suffer much in the real world benchmarks shown earlier should restore some of your faith back into the KV7TA3.

All the competitors are within 1.5 % of each other on the ScienceMark test that reproduces the actions of cells. Because of that, there is not a lot to report based on these results.

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