Quake III: Arena

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The Quake III engine is still not topping out with the latest Athlon XP 2000+ processor, as is shown by the good 6% gain in performance the 2000+ sees over the 1900+ processor. It is interesting to note that when compared to the 1800+ numbers each stepping of the Athlon XP sees 3-5% increase in most benchmarks.

The increase in the frame rate here is a bit lower, as the video card starts to get weighed down just slightly. As I was still using a standard GeForce 3 video card for the tests, these numbers would probably be closer to the 5-6% increase that we saw above when upgrading to a Ti500 line of video card.

The added 70 MHz here does very little to improve the gaming performance as the GF3 video card becomes the full bottle neck in the system.

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