SPECviewperf, Cachemem and ScienceMark

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As we saw in the November Athlon XP 1900+ review, both the Light-04 and Awadvs-04 tests, which are less video card dependent, show a nice 4-5% increase in scores. Where as the other two show nearly no difference in results. We can then derive that those test are much more of a bottle neck on the video card than processor.

There is a small (about 2.0%) gain in the reading speed on the memory in the Cachemem test with the new processor, but the the gains in the write test are well below a single percent. As is becoming very rare in my tests, both the Cachemem and the SiSoft Sandra scores agree on the differences between the two competing components.

The gain we see in the ScienceMark test is a bit over 4%. This is right on track with the clock speed gain we are getting when moving from the 1900+ processor to the 2000+ processor.

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