AMD Duron 1.3 GHz Processor and System Review

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Another day and another processor release in the world of AMD. I know you are thinking that things couldn’t be more predictable; but this time you are wrong.

Due to the suggestions of several third parties including AMD, my staff and my readers, the testing for the new Duron 1.3 GHz processor is going to be a little bit different than you might normally expect for a processor review at

The last Duron processor was released at 1.2 GHz and before that the 1.1 GHz, as you can see in my review here. Just as in the releases of the newer Athlon XP speeds, there is really very little that has changed – in fact that is why I didn’t publish a Duron 1.2 GHz review – there simply wasn’t enough material and change that I though it necessary to document. Anyone could see that with unchanging components, a 9% gain in clock speed is going to give you a 9% gain in performance. And now with the 1.3 GHz Duron, an 8.3% difference in clock speed will result in a 8.3% (or about) gain in performance.

As you can guess, I am going to try something new to stray away from that style for this Duron processor review. After reading it, I would love to get some feedback from everyone. Thanks!

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