SPECviewperf, Cachemem and ScienceMark

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Interestingly, these scores are not that bad. Though I still do not recommend the Duron 1.3 GHz system tested here for hardcore designers, it is nice to see that you can still have a little bit of fun with the low-cost system.

Again we are seeing the lack of a 266 MHz front-side bus hurting the Duron platform. These scores do jump nicely when paired with a faster bus. Duron’s will be upgraded to the 266 MHz DDR bus eventually, but that is still a bit away.

Even with the less expensive merchandise, the Duron 1.3 GHz processor system is able to top the 100 mark on the ScienceMark test. Coming in at 108 points, this shows that the power-house of the system, the Duron itself, is very much able to hold its own.

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