3D Mark 2001 and SiSoft Sandra

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The XP333 is able to take the 32-bit test in the 3D Mark 2001 benchmark. Both its loss in the first and its win in the second test are by about 1%, so the loss/gains are hardly noticeable. The Iwill board is performing quite well against strong competitors.

An area that ALi has always fallen behind in is the memory speeds of their chipsets compared to the VIA and NVIDIA chipsets. Though they are still behind in this showing on the XP333, the difference on the ALU test is about 3% when compared to the KT266A and about 9.5% on the FPU test.

As you should expect, none of the three chipsets being tested here show any kind of advantage or disadvantage on the Athlon XP 1800+ processor itself.

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