SPECviewperf, Cachemem and ScienceMark

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The SPECviewperf tests show the XP333 in a close third place for the majority of the tests, but not by much. There is never more than a few percent difference between the scores of the XP333 and the next best competitor, so you will not be losing a lot of performance by using the Iwill.

In the Read tests, the ALi M1647 chipset is again showing its achilles heel, by falling about 16% off of the leader. In a very different story, the Writing results show the XP333 in first by a slight margin. Yes, the read test results are much more pertinent in most applications, but the M1647 can claim at least one victory here.

The results of the Iwill XP333 again come in last of the three boards being tested. The score of 141.41 is by no means a bad score, though, and you would be hard pressed to “feel” the difference of a less than 1.0% loss.

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