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  • Cooling abilities
  • Ease of installation and configuration
  • Sleek look
  • The use of (4) 80mm fans both front and back
  • Door to keep the system clean
  • Design is near perfect for serious case modders
  • Lower hidden bay is a unique idea to keep the lines clean
  • Power & reset switches double as the LEDs
  • Door gives chance to hide non-black components
  • Capability to allow installation of PSU upside down or not
  • Roominess to handle large motherboards
  • Thumbscrews for side panels
  • Two I/O plates for both onboard sound and without ·
  • Rounded edges to make for a cut-free installation
  • Fan guards kill performance of fans.
  • “Ledges” for power supply are a bit small for my taste
  • Front panel wiring would be better if it was one cable
  • I/O plates have no option for on-board LAN
With that said, while running the system under full load of Folding@Home and some gaming at the same time, in a room that stays within 2º of 72ºF, the CPU never passed 45ºC and the motherboard never got hotter than 25ºC. It was simply amazing as I did not use the full cooling potential of the case as I did not use the most powerful fans that I could have. The old case would never drop the motherboard temp below 30ºC and I was pleasantly surprised to see 25ºC. Yes, I nick picked a bit but this is being sold as great for overclockers. This is certainly true, but the extreme may make a few modifications to this case for their own needs. Once the fan guards are cut out, there should be plenty of cooling for the average overclocker. For the extremists, this solid steel case gives you plenty of options to modify it. For those who have a black monitor, keyboard, and mouse, this is one way to hide those beige colored drives.

Once again I’d like to thank Matt Douglas from for allowing me to review this awesome looking case. This certainly is a case I would have in my office. Stop on by and pick this one up, it is currently selling for less then $70.00 (US) 🙂

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