Exterior and Interior

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These pictures here clearly show the clean cut lines of the system. The unique window on the side of the case is of course the Corsair logo. The only real pet peeve I have with the system is the beige components upfront. The beige floppy drive sticks out like a sore thumb and the temp sensors mounted in the top 5¼ drive bay is definitely out of place. If they were to remove the temp sensors, that would be fine by me, but I think there are better solutions for temp monitoring then what is provided.

You can also see all of the front ports that you can use including audio, USB, Firewire and joystick port. One idea for this system would be an awesome LAN party system. You would certainly steal the show at most LAN parties.

At the rear of the case you can see the passthru cable connector in the bottom expansion slot. They have also color coded all of the ports to PC99 or better specifications. The Sparkle 400w PSU can also be seen in these pictures. The thumbscrews are everywhere on this system including both side panels and the slide out motherboard tray. Surprisingly, the rear fan guard did not seem to interfere with the case cooling at all which I will discuss in a little more detail later in this review. But for the extremists, they may get better results once removed.


In these pictures here you start to see the inside of the case. On the left above you can see the inside of the side window and how it is applied. Each side of the case has a small handle on it to help in its removal from the case once the thumbscrews are removed. Once inside you can see the case is neatly package with wireloom everywhere and rounded cables galore. In the picture on the right you can see the cold cathode light installation near the top of the frame that illuminates the whole case very well. With its color being blue I am surprised how bright it can be, as blue is not a normally bright color. The power switch for the light is on the bottom of the case and you can see the wiring on the bottom. The light will remain off if the system is powered down.

Here are some close-ups of the inside of the case. You can see how everything is already installed for you as much as they can be. Data cables are plugged in, all power cables wrapped in wireloom, wire tied, and the passthru cable for the front ports is already installed. When you go to install any add-in cards all you need is your fingers to remove the thumbscrews to open the slots. But Corsair goes one step further and recommend in their manual to remove the thumbscrews for the motherboard tray and slide it back about one inch to have even easier access to the expansion slots thumbscrews. On the right you can also get a better look at the drive bays, cathode power switch, and the front fan placement.

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