Components and Documentation

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Here are just a few of the components that make up this system. Both of the IDE cables are rounded and at least ATA100 compatible. The memory provided is Corsair’s very own XMS2400 ram, in the case of the 266LE it is 128Mbytes. If you purchase the 300GT you will get a single stick of Corsair’s XMS2400 but it will be 256Mbytes. I know the memory picture is a little blurry but it does have Corsair’s markings on it.

Once you remove the Alpha PAL8045 heatsink you will find some foam underneath it. It’s nice to see the hard part of the heatsink installation has already been completed so you will not have to remove the motherboard from the system which is required when first installing the Alpha heatsink. Here the heatsink hold-downs are installed and hold the heatsink in place during shipping. There are two sets of instructions for installing the heatsink. One from Alpha and one from Corsair, as it’s included in their Assembly manual with several pictures to help you through it. Once removed you can see just how polished the bottom of the PAL8045 is. Lapping will not be needed with this heatsink. The picture does not do the heatsink justice as to its reflective clarity.


Documentation is totally complete and well packaged. There is an Assembly Instruction Manual, a full pictured manual, the heatsink installation instructions and motherboard manual. It also comes complete with the CD driver disk as well. The only addition that can be found in the 300GT model is the Overclocking Guide, as that model has been verified to overclock and this model has not been. You can download the Overclocking Guide from Corsair’s website along with finding links to several websites regarding the heatsink and motherboard including our very own AMDForums.

The installation instructions give you a step by step procedure for setting up your PC for the first time. There is very little left to chance in these instructions and then there is always Corsair Tech Support.

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