Installation, BIOS and System

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The installation went rather easy. The instruction manual was very helpful in giving detailed pictures of how to apply the Arctic Alumina thermal grease and the proper order for installing the heatsink properly. The Assembly Instruction manual is not meant to replace the installation instructions from Alpha for the heatsink, but compliment it, and the manual does it quite well.


The BIOS of the EPoX 8KHA+ is fully featured for overclocking potential. Although the Cobra 266LE is not verified to overclock, that does not mean it can’t. I would check with Corsair first to make sure that overclocking the 266LE does not limit your warranty. The default settings that came shipped to me, tell me this motherboard was made to fly. A default Vcore of 1.85v and Vdimm of 2.8v tells me this baby is ready to sing.


You can see above that once the system is up and running the blue cold cathode light will come on if you have the switch on the bottom of the case turned on. I was quite surprised as to just how bright it really is. You can see the picture taken in the dark that the window is very clear and the inside of the case is very well illuminated with the Corsair logo. What startled me was just how bright it can be in a very bright room. Even with the shades open on a very big window on a sunny day, you can easily still see the illumination. This was just outstanding.

Here is where you will find one of my issues with the system. The Cobra comes with a beige floppy drive and what I feel to be a detriment to the system, the temp gauges. The temp gauges are always a welcomed addition to any system but, there is a better solution. I think a Digital Doc 5 Temp Monitoring System should be installed, perhaps with a Blue LED modification that would match the blue cold cathode light already in the system. That would not take away from the system but enhance its beauty and looks.

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