Quake III

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Quake III is an excellent tool to use as a benchmark but it is starting to show its age now; this is evident when you see the high frame rates. I used Q3Bench Demo001 time demo in normal, high detail and max detail with 3 resolutions at 32 bit color


MSI GeForce 3 Ti500 Pro-VTG (MS-8854) - Graphics Cards 27

High Detail

MSI GeForce 3 Ti500 Pro-VTG (MS-8854) - Graphics Cards 28

Max Detail

MSI GeForce 3 Ti500 Pro-VTG (MS-8854) - Graphics Cards 29

The above results were nearly what I expected to see, following the trend of the earlier OpenGL benchmarks we see the two Ti500 cards neck and neck and even the GeForce 3 keeps up with its bigger brothers The G3Ti500 Pro achieved a whopping 112.53 fps at a resolution of 1600X1200 and with the detail maxed out, and with these kind of scores there is no need to set the detail to normal, because with the naked eye you will find it very difficult to see the difference between 112 fps and 200 fps; the only difference you will see is in benchmarks like this.

The OpenGL API has stagnated, losing ground against Direct3D; Direct3D is doing very well and has pulled ahead of OpenGL in certain features, such as programmability, and this is unlikely to change until we see OpenGL 2.0. If you want to know more about OpenGL 2.0 go here.

The only thing that surprised me was that the Pro VTG was very slightly behind the reference card when you consider that in all the previous OpenGL benchmarks you see just the opposite.

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