Max Payne

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MSI GeForce 3 Ti500 Pro-VTG (MS-8854) - Graphics Cards 27

Max Payne is my favorite game at the moment, and if any game can push your video card to the limit, this is it. Max Payne uses Remedy’s DirectX 8 3D engine as in MadOnion 3DMark 2001 and because it doesn’t come with its own benchmark, I used PCGH´s Final Scene No.1 (VGA-Demo).

Max Payne comes with lots of photo digitized textures, radiosity lighting and hardware T&L combined; so with the added features that are available with the new XP Detonators, both the Geforce 3 & the Ti500 should perform very well

MSI GeForce 3 Ti500 Pro-VTG (MS-8854) - Graphics Cards 28

With this version of the benchmark you see that at lower resolutions there is not that much difference between the cards at all, even the GeForce 3 is up with the Ti500’s. As we get to 1600X1024 we see the two Ti500 take a bigger lead over the GeForce 3, this lead drops slightly at the highest resolution to about 3 fps.

This version of the Max Payne benchmark seems to really push the CPU and that can be seen by the close scores between the GeForce 3 and the Ti500’s, the MSI G3Ti500 Pro VTG is so close to the reference card that they could almost be the same card. I was hoping to see more of a difference here but it is quite apparent that the CPU and overall system performace is the bottleneck

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