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Thermalright SLK-600 Sneak Peek

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In a recent review, I stated that Thermalright, Inc. was about to launch on an ambitious program to win most of the top spots in high performance heatsinks. The SLK-600 is the first in a new line of heatsinks using 60 mm fans and it outperforms its ageing brother the SK-6.

The SLK-600 might look a little like the SK-6, but in reality, it’s very different. Gone is the center prong clip, with the SLK-600 featuring the new and improved three pronged clip and gone are the days where a person could put the clip in backwards, it’s locked within the heatsink.

Thermalright SLK-600 Sneak Peek - Cases and Cooling 6  Thermalright SLK-600 Sneak Peek - Cases and Cooling 6

There are 34 thin fin/plates that create a massive surface area and the familiar ledge similar to the SK-6 to position the fan on. Notice the three sets of holes; the middle hole is a mystery, the bottom hole is to accommodate the fan wires that hold a 60 x 25 mm fan in place, while the top holes accommodate the same set of fan wires and hold a 60 x 38 mm fan in position. The approximate weight is 440+ grams (may change in production).

Thermalright SLK-600 Sneak Peek - Cases and Cooling 8  Thermalright SLK-600 Sneak Peek - Cases and Cooling 9

The design of the SLK-600 guarantees a universal fit with all known motherboards and I had no problems what so ever installing it. A flathead screwdriver is required for installation.

The Thermalright SLK-600 is aiming to be the top performing heatsink, 60 mm fan combination on the market.

My initial testing shows phenomenal results, which by far, outperform the competition, but rather than give you numbers now, it’s more prudent to wait for the final production version of the SLK-600.

Our last photo is quite interesting (please remember, this is a pre-production sample); notice the narrow heat spreader!! Could it be that Thermalright is anticipating a small footprint on upcoming CPU’s?? Could be, then again, who knows??

Thermalright SLK-600 Sneak Peek - Cases and Cooling 10

Expect to see the mass production run of the SLK-600 in a month or two. Until then, we’ll all have to drool in anticipation!!!

The AX-7 and SLK-600 is just the opening barrage of new products expected from Thermalright, Inc. this year, and you thought they were sitting back enjoying the success of the SK-6!!