3D Mark 2001 and SiSoft Sandra

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VIA Apollo KT333 Chipset Review - Chipsets 19

The scores here are much more interesting than I expected again. The KT333 chipset is coming out about 5.5% faster than the KT266A and nForce chipset. The extra speed that the DDR333 is giving us here on this gaming test is surprising even the VIA reps. 🙂

VIA Apollo KT333 Chipset Review - Chipsets 20

A 12% gain in the memory performance on both integer and floating point tests are pretty good, even though the math would max us out at a 25% gain over the KT266A chipset. It is interesting to see that with the KT333 chipset, VIA has finally crested with NVIDIA in terms of synthetic memory tests.

VIA Apollo KT333 Chipset Review - Chipsets 21

The results are identical, straight across all the chipsets.

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