SPECviewperf, Cachemem and ScienceMark

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VIA Apollo KT333 Chipset Review - Chipsets 19

The four tests I use on the SPECviewperf suite show varying results. First, the Light-04 test has a nice 7% gain with the KT333, while the Awadvs-04 test is fairly flat due to its dependence on the graphics card. The Drv-07 test shows the greatest use out of the memory bus by gaining more than 25% in score! The final test, the MedMCAD-01 test shows a less significant 2.5% increase. Overall, I would say the SPEC tests are able to get very good results out of the KT333 chipset.

VIA Apollo KT333 Chipset Review - Chipsets 20

Here we see similar results when comparing the two VIA chipsets. In the memory reading tests, the KT333 wins by about 15% while on the writing test all three competitors seem to fall flat with NVIDIA winning by only about 2%.

VIA Apollo KT333 Chipset Review - Chipsets 21

The ScienceMark tests do use the extra memory bus, but because the processor is so starved on this test, the results do not increase by more than a few percentage points.

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