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Cooleaster CWC01 Copper Cooler Review

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We’ve been given the opportunity of introducing you all to a new company that has just established themselves here in North America. The company is Cooleaster and their first product is the new CWC01 all copper cooler that will be the subject of our study.

One would think, that such a beautiful, innovative, well designed cooler, would have an exotic name that would better fit its stature!! That’s OK, what counts is, does it perform (we’ll get to that question in due time)??

What strikes you, as you look at the CWC01 for the first time, is the design as can be seen in this photo. Notice how every other pin is angled out to increase the surface area.

The shroud is attached to the base of the heatsink and if you look closely, you can see that the base of this all copper heatsink has been nickel plated.

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Why?? I can think of a couple of reasons; first nickel flows well and fills in imperfections quite nicely and is the reason why most costume jewelry is nickel plated before the gold or silver plating is applied. Second, it supplies a hard, shinny, flat surface and prevents the core of your CPU from burning into the soft copper, while maintaining the high heat transfer rate copper coolers are famous for.

Another feature seen in our photo is the clipping mechanism, which is by far, the best single pronged clip I’ve ever had the opportunity to install. NO TOOLS needed to install the CWC01 all copper HSF and of the two or three different thumb clips found on heatsinks today, the thumb clip of the CWC01 is the easiest to install even for inexperienced enthusiasts.

The dimensions of the CWC01 are; 62 (L) x 62 (W) x 60 (H) mm including the stock YS Tech NFD126025BB-2F 60 mm fan that produces 40.1 CFM’s at a noise level of 48.2 dBA’s and weighs in at a hefty 510 grams. The combination of its physical size and easy clipping mechanism guarantees a universal fit on all current “Socket A” motherboards and installation that should be trouble free.

I say “should be”, because as with all aftermarket coolers, one must take care in the removal of their old cooler, make sure the CPU’s core is clean (if not, clean it), lay down a thin coat of high quality thermal paste/compound on the core of the clean CPU. Then position the cooler gently on the CPU aligning the clip with the center flange on both sides of the socket. The next step is to connect the back portion of the clip to the center lug (hold the cooler in place gently, don’t apply pressure on the center of the cooler), then, using the thumb clip, connect the front of the clip to the center lug and that’s that!!

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The photo above features an optical illusion; I tried something different, so I could show you the nickel plated copper heat spreader without to much glare, the only light reflecting off the heatsink is from the cameras flash. The optical illusion is that it looks rounded around the edges, this is not the case at all and the heat spreader is perfectly flat. There were some machining lines to be seen but they are beneath the surface of the nickel plating.

Our final photo shows the CWC01 copper cooler mounted on a Soyo Dragon Plus motherboard in all its glory.

Cooleaster CWC01 Copper Cooler Review - Cases and Cooling 8

Please note, the ample room around the socket, there is absolutely no interference with capacitors or DIMM slots and no you don’t get the fancy 60 mm Laser Cut fan grill when you purchase this cooler 🙂 It’s mine, if you want to purchase your own, visit

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